We are an organization that was inspired by a group called VIGIL at the Savannah College of Art and Design. We are a squad of humans working together and using intelligent tactics in order to succeed at Humans vs Zombies. Our goal is to make the humans win. We train to make the best possible use of our lives for the human cause. We want to accomplish the human objectives and make the game as fun and memorable as possible.

Times and Locations
We meet on Mondays at 6pm and Saturdays at 4:00pm. We currently meet in front of Montana Hall on Mondays and in Romney Gym on Saturdays. Anyone and everyone is free to join as long as they are willing to work towards our objectives and to take orders when the situation calls for it. We aim to have fun, but we aim to have it through victory. We will be working hard to ensure we are the most effective zombie killing team in the field.

Vigil phone (406) 404-4624 During the game, call this number to meet up with the escort group or for extraction.
Micah Workman "Demoman" 406) 548-2665
Russ Kaufman-pace "Sniper" (828) 406-9341
Roland Gregor "Spy" (406) 465-9024
Wyatt Johnson "Pyro" (406) 600-0204
Kyler Callahan "Scout"
Skylar Downes "Medic" (509) 998-5005
Josh Thornton "Soldier" (425) 736-4923
Matt Gasbarre "Seraph" (484) 356-843
Ben Johnson "Turret" (406) 600-3647
Matt Griffin "Brick" (406) 260-2330
Jason Armstrong "Cosmic" (406) 222-1698
Connor Armstrong "Dragon" (Jason/Cosmic's son)
Lili Armstrong "Shadow" (Jason/Cosmic's daughter)
Liz Johnson "Moxy" (406) 696-4686
Steve Johnston "Hermes" (847) 845-5067
Bob Warwood "Bob" (406) 600-5126
Claire Bulley "Pain" (253) 381-3447
Nathan Torney "Rogue" (406) 224-1473
Kamron Hansen "Flash"
Alex Fetto "Hose" 603-359-1909
Merkis "Pirate" 516-361-6888
Kalin Warford "REX" 406-240-6142
Tyler "Ghost"
Dustin Smith "Hazard" 303-921-3225
Cody Lester (406) 422-2450
Diana Patrick "Glomp" (406) 548-1417
Mikael Edgren "Ninja" (503) 545-7601

Questions and Comments
Questions about this organization should be directed at Micah Workman. Suggestions about training ideas and drills should be added to this page. General Tips and Tricks for Humans VS Zombies can be found here.

We can be reached at, or on the V-phone at (406) 404-4624 Inquiries about what we do, how to join, how we train, or anything else can be directed here.

Inspiration for this Organization
HvZ Main Site
Montana State HvZ Site

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